What is the Philadelphia Project?

The Philadelphia Project is an inter-denominational Christian missionary organization working among the tribes, peoples and nations of Africa.

The name Philadelphia, meaning “brotherly love”, is taken from the letter to the Church in Philadelphia as recorded in Revelations 3. This name serves as a reminder of the words in verse 8: "See, I have placed before you an open door that no-one can shut...". This verse is taken as a promise and confirmation from God to use us to reach the people of Africa with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Philadelphia Project is founded firmly on the Holy Scriptures (the Bible) - which is recognized and confessed as being the infallible and complete Word of God. Therefore the central theme or message of this project is salvation for sinners through faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God and mankind’s only Saviour.

The Philadelphia Project is a Voluntary Organization, based in South Africa, but also registered independently in Zimbabwe and Malawi. Philadelphia’s leadership is seated in a Board of Directors, while a managed board is responsible for the daily functioning of the project. Apart from Philadelphia’s own full-time workers, various denominations and other interested parties are represented on both the Board of Directors and the Management Board.

We Believe

At Philadelphia, we are convinced that Africa is currently experiencing the most exciting time in it’s spiritual history. We believe that right now, God is working in the lives of millions of people on this continent in a powerful and unprecedented way to draw people to Him through Jesus Christ.

We believe that the Christian Church in Africa has tremendous potential that could make a worldwide impact in the spiritual, social and economic spheres of life. We believe that this potential could only be fully developed through a living and lasting relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
We also believe for this to happen, it is critical that strategic leaders be identified, motivated, trained and equipped according to Biblical standards.

Our Mission

Our specific mission is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to unreached and non-Christian individuals and groups among all tribes, peoples and nations in Africa, and to train, equip and motivate those already reached to become disciples who can in turn evangelize and teach others.

We are very aware that many other Christian organizations and individuals have the same vision and are actively pursuing it in mission-fields all over Africa and elsewhere. We recognize and support all these efforts and believe relationships and partnerships with other role-players and potential role-players as being of utmost importance.

Our Method

To fulfill its mission, the Philadelphia Project employs various methods of evangelism and training, including short-term outreaches (using dramas, film-shows, preaching, personal witnessing and literature-distribution as tools of evangelism and often presenting week-long discipleship-courses simultaneously); Leadership Training Seminars; and long-term Leadership Training Programs.

Apart from its nucleus of full-time workers, the Philadelphia Project relies strongly on partnerships with various individuals, groups, organizations and congregations (in South Africa and in the mission-field), through which additional manpower, finances and other resources are supplied.

So Far

Since its launch in 1994, the Philadelphia Project has established full-time leadership training programs in Zimbabwe, Malawi and Madagascar.

Regular outreaches (crusades) are launched into these countries each year in order to support and stimulate our long-term objectives. Leadership-seminars and courses are presented to motivate and raise local church leadership to become actively involved in God’s great movement in Africa.

Many of our past and present students had been called, and subsequently stepped out, into full-time ministry. Some are involved in evangelism, child-evangelism and church planting. Some of these new churches had since experienced tremendous growth and spiritual havens in areas where people had been living in spiritual desolation for ages.

For all of this, we give the honor and the glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Road Ahead

At Philadelphia, we believe that leadership training is the KEY to all further development and growth in the Christian Church and general society in Africa. To avoid catastrophe, the current critical shortage of trained leaders in the Church in Africa has to be addressed by an intensified, coordinated effort.

We therefore strive to expand our current long-term Leadership Training Programs into other countries and areas of Africa, At the same time, we strive to encourage Christians from the whole spectrum of the Church to become involved and help make a difference by contributing through prayer, finances and manpower.

The Philadelphia Team >>>

Getting as exited as we are? See, Philadelphia has full-time teams in several African countries, but we also rely strongly on volunteers to become involved by contributing their prayers, time, energy and finances. So why don’t you do something about it right now? Alternatively, you can first read about our projects in Zimbabwe, Malawi and Madagascar, get some more facts on Africa, read about the history of the Cross in Africa or just share your thoughts with us?

Want to become part of this exciting venture? Why don’t you do something about it right now?
“Mission Impossible” – that would be the much talked-about secular African Renaissance
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