Okay, so you realize that right now, God is moving in Africa in a powerful way, but that He needs people like you to “make it happen”. Basically, there are three main areas in which your involvement can make a very real (and eternal!) difference right now.

Do Something

2.Financial Investment
3.Join us on an outreach

1. Prayer

It is not by accident that we put prayer first on the list of things you could do to help. In the Kingdom of God, NOTHING happens without prayer.

If you are prepared to join us as a regular prayer-partner, please send your Name and E-mail-address to us at: web@philadelphiaproject.co.za so that we can keep you updated with prayer-requests and news from the mission field. Of course, the information on this website also provides ample guidelines for prayer!

Specific current prayer-requests:

  • More Spirit-filled and God-called full-time workers (lecturers and evangelists) for our projects.
  • We currently need a small vehicle or even motorbike for our Project Manager in Malawi to enable him to reach more students in the Mobile Training Program.
  • Funds for translating and printing the remainder of the training material into Malagassy for the Leadership Training Program in Madagascar.
  • Protection, wisdom, discernment and perseverance for all our workers and students.
  • Please pray for the next outreaches in Malawi, Madagascar and Zimbabwe (the right members for the teams and that they will reach their objectives).
  • Finances to support the various workers and projects.
  • More churches, organizations and individuals to become involved in our work.
  • That Jesus Christ be truly glorified in everything we do.
  • Please pray that God would guide and direct us to know and follow His will in the planned expansions of Philadelphia's ministry in Madagascar and Malawi.

If you would like to become part of a wider prayer-network that covers just about every aspect of Christianity in Africa, you can subscribe to the Nupsa (Network for United Prayer in South Africa)-newsletter. Just send an E-mail to them at: nupsa@global.co.za

2. Make a Financial Investment

Without the necessary financial support, our hands are tied. We therefore make an urgent appeal to you to make a financial investment in the spiritual future of Africa’s people by supporting this project.

By making a single investment of only US$15 (R100) per month, you could be:

  • assisting the work in Malawi, Zimbabwe or Madagascar by covering the cost of a student's study material for two months;
  • adding 2 square meters of roofing to a building project;
  • adding 1 000 home-made bricks for a new classroom in Zimbabwe;
  • paying for one month’s tuition-fees of a student in Madagascar;
  • helping to sponsor the translation of training material into Malagasy (Madagascar);
  • paying for about 1 000 evangelical tracts or two bibles;
  • reaching children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ by sponsoring the training material of a Child-Evangelism student; or
  • sponsoring nearly 1/10th (8%) of one of our lecturer's monthly salaries!

Your Financial Investment Can Make An Eternal Difference!

You may choose to make a one-time contribution, which would be greatly appreciated, or become involved on a monthly basis. You can also choose to make a contribution towards a specific project, worker or cause, or make a general contribution towards the Philadelphia Project.

THREE ways of making a financial contribution:

I. Direct deposits into our bank account -

Account Name: Philadelphia Project
Account Number: 5260 150 172
Account Type: Cheque Account.
Bank Name: Absa Bank (South Africa)
Branch Name: Sinoville (Pretoria)
Branch Code: 336-945
*Sort Code: 632005
*Swift Code: ABSA-ZAJJ


II. Cheque or money-orders –

Please make cheques out to “Philadelphia Project” and mark as non-negotiable. Cheques or money-orders could be mailed to us at:
Philadelphia Project, P.O. Box 14137, Sinoville 0129 (South Africa).

III. Debit order –

Please contact us by E-mail (web@philadelphiaproject.co.za) or phone (+ 27 12 567-6512) if you would like to complete a debit order for monthly contributions.

3. Join us on an outreach

If you are ready for a “hands-on” missionary experience, it is time to join one of our regular outreach-teams to either Malawi, Madagascar or Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe postponed until further notice).
Over the last ten years, several hundred individuals from different backgrounds have gone on outreaches with us and for most of them, it was a life-changing experience. Allowing God to work through you in such a practical manner will not only be a blessing to those in Africa’s mission-fields, but it may just be the greatest blessing YOU ever receive!

You may choose to join an outreach as a individual, but groups (e.g. churches etc) are also very welcome. Please note that in case of groups, it is best to make contact with us at least 6 months in advance to allow for proper planning.

Although special skills and experience is always welcome (e.g. as teachers, technical staff, child-evangelists etc), we do not generally require such skills as a condition for inclusion on a team.

Applicants should meet the following basic requirements:

  • Be born-again Christians who lives in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ;
  • Be willing to adapt to difficult conditions and endure discomfort;
  • Be able to work in a team and submit to authority;
  • Submit at least two traceable references (e.g Pastor, Christian friend, etc); and
  • Be responsible to provide or raise the necessary funds to cover his/her own fees.

For more information on outreaches or to apply to join an outreach-team, please contact us on the details below:


“Mission Impossible” – that would be the much talked-about secular African Renaissance
without Jesus Christ!
TEL: + 27 (12) 567-6512
CELL: + 27 82 925 4125
EMAIL: enquiries@philadelphiaproject.co.za
P.O. Box 14137, Sinoville (South Africa) 0129