Apart from the grace of God, Philadelphia Project's "secret for success" lies in the excellent quality of men and women He has added to the team over the years.
This includes project managers and other full time workers in the various countries, as well as co-workers, helpers, members of the Board of Directors, members of Management Boards in the different countries, short-term volunteers, and the often unsung heroes of any ministry – those who make the work possible through their financial- and prayer-support.
Philadelphia Board of Directors
Helping to give direction and support to Philadelphia's ministry in the different countries where we work, is a South African based Board of Directors. The board comprises of dedicated and God-loving men and women from different denominations and professions who are united in their goal to glorify Christ through the ministry and work of the Philadelphia Project.

Manie Bosman (Executive Director)
Manie Bosman is Philadelphia's Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors. Based in Pretoria, his ministry takes him all over the southern parts of the African continent.. (For more information see: "The Team in South Africa")

Wynand Odendaal (Vice Chairman)
Founding member and Vice Chairman of the Board is Wynand Odendaal, a businessman with a heart for taking the Gospel to the lost and building the Kingdom of God. He has extensive experience of international business, having lived and worked in Taiwan, the USA and Canada before resettling in South Africa.
Wynand had been involved with Philadelphia since its birth in 1994, and especially in those early years accompanied Manie on several pioneering missions into various African countries. Over the years, he has also been instrumental in expanding Philadelphia's support-base by promoting its vision and mission and exposing individuals to our work.

René Bosman (Secretary)

René Bosman is a journalism graduate who nowadays works as a director with the South African National Council for the Blind. Wife of Manie, she is a founding member of Philadelphia and someone who has been closely involved with nearly all aspects of the ministry over the years. René serves as secretary on Philadelphia's board.

Joke Köster (Prayer Coordinator)
Also a founding member of Philadelphia, Dutch-born Joke Köster had been living in South Africa most of her life and has a heart for evangelism as well as caring for the Body of Christ. A true servant-hearted woman, Joke and her husband Pierre had been part of Philadelphia from the beginning and she now heads Philadelphia's prayer ministry as Prayer Coordinator.
Always willing to help, Joke had been the backbone of many projects, often combining humble wisdom and hard work to play an indispensable role.

Leon Strydom

Leon Strydom, IT systems manager and serious Blue Bulls (Pretoria-based rugby team) supporter, is another founding member of Philadelphia who still serves on the board. Leon had been part of the very 1st outreach team that worked in Zimbabwe in 1993, and has been on several outreaches since.

Werner Coetzee
Werner Coetzee is an accountant who loves Africa and its     people. He became a full-fledged member of the team after joining an outreach to Madagascar in 1999. Since then, he has been to several outreaches to Madagascar and has also made a significant contribution as a member of the board.

Bernard (Treasurer)
Mariska Coetzee.
Bernard Coetzee (no relation to Werner) became involved with Philadelphia in 2000, and was invited to join the board in 2002. Bernard is a businessman with expertise over a wide field which he had been willingly applying to Philadelphia's ministry. He is Treasurer of the board. No wonder, however, that he is so willing to serve with us as he met wife Mariska during the 2001 outreach to Malawi!

Thys Loubser

Thys Loubser is Executive Director of missions mobilizing organization Action 1:8, and also a member of Philadelphia's Board of Directors since 1998. Through the resources and expertise of Action 1:8 and in a personal capacity, Thys has contributed to the project on many levels over the years. Apart from his formal involvement, Thys is also one of a handful of individuals Manie Bosman lists as his mentors in life and ministry.

Dylan van Graan
Latest addition and youngest member of Philadelphia's board is Dylan van Graan, keen photographer and lover of the outdoors who has a passion for ministering to young adults. Dylan became a member of the board in 2004 and is responsible for Philadelphia's youth ministry.

The Team in South Africa

The Philadelphia Project is based in South Africa and our team in this country includes many "behind the curtains" who are not mentioned here.
Manie and René Bosman
Heading Philadelphia's team (on earth!) as Executive Director is Manie Bosman – former journalist and writer who had been in fulltime ministry since early1994. Manie has a burning passion for sharing the love of Christ with people in Africa who does not know Him yet and also to help believers reach their full potential and calling in Christ.
ABOVE: FLTR – Manie, Ruan, René and Thomás.
As a young man Manie tried different vocations – including working in the Kruger National Park – before studying journalism and starting his career as journalist for the Afrikaans daily newspaper Beeld. He later worked as editor of a forestry magazine, but says that he wanted to become a pastor since he was three years old.
"I think the Lord allowed me to first take a walk down several lanes in order to prepare me for what He wanted me to do in ministry. Looking back, I am often amazed to see how He has guided me and kept me although I was not always aware of it at the time. I hope that I will look back in another ten years and discover that even now He has been shaping me and helping me to grow into the person that He needs me to be," says Manie.
In 1989 Manie married René, also a journalist, and in 1993 they were called to full time ministry. They launched the Philadelphia Project in 1994 with some Christian friends and volunteers. Initially starting off with the emphasis on evangelism, the Lord soon revealed the immense need for trained leaders in the Church in Africa. The result is a ministry focused on two equally important tasks: taking the Gospel to those who does not know Christ, and teaching, equipping and mobilizing existing believers to become self-reproducing disciples of Christ.
Apart from heading and co-coordinating Philadelphia's day-to-day ministry activities and leading teams of volunteers on regular short term outreaches to the various countries, Manie is also involved in establishing spiritual gift-related ministries in local congregations. He has a passion to see the Body of Christ function according to the "biblical model" where every member fulfils its God-given calling. Manie also still wrights on a wide range of subjects for Christian as well as secular publications and other media.
During Philadelphia's first years, René was involved on a full time base. Later she joined the South African Council for the Blind where she is still working. However, René is also still very much part of Philadelphia and is involved in the ministry on various levels.
The couple has two sons – Ruan (15) and Thomás (11) – whom both testify to loving the Lord and who, since a very young age, has been part of the outreach teams to Malawi and Zimbabwe.
Juan & Suria Nieuwoudt
The man who puts our dreams into action is Philadelphia's Projects Manager – Juan Nieuwoudt.
ABOVE: Suria and Juan Nieuwoudt.
Juan – who has a passion for people (and more so for God's people) combined with a practical mind – graduated as a mechanical engineer and worked with two prominent companies in Gauteng, Nampak and Parmalat, as Technical Manager. In 1998 he married Suria, then a final-year medical student who since graduated as a medical doctor.
Juan first became involved with Philadelphia in 1999 and while on a Philadelphia outreach to Malawi in 2001, God called him and Suria to increased commitment in the ministry. Juan, who by then had been asked to serve as a member of Philadelphia's Board of Directors, started to take responsibility for certain projects and focused on providing much-needed technical expertise.
In 2004 Juan left Parmalat to start a construction and maintenance company and dedicate more time to ministry. Since then, he has been part of Philadelphia's fulltime team on a 50% base (if that doesn't sound too paradoxal). Among other things, this includes involvement with administration, leadership training, and technical matters. Together with Manie and Norman, he also teaches on project management during seminars. Juan is also involved in home cell groups and

Team in Madagascar

Victor and Florentie Razafinindrina
A graduate in economics, Victor found his true calling when doing part-time work for Jan and Marietjie Coetzer, former missionaries to Madagascar. Once he knew that God wanted to use him in fulltime ministry, Victor allowed nothing to prevent him from fulfilling God’s purpose for his life.
ABOVE: FLTR: Tsissa, Victor, Jessy and Florentie (back) Razafinindrina.
Joining Philadelphia’s team as Project Manager on the island in 2001, he has a heart for building and strengthening the Church by teaching and discipling believers. His main responsibility is therefore to teach and disciple new believers, and to train current and future leaders for the Church. However, Victor also has a passion for reaching unbelievers with the Gospel of Christ and is therefore regularly involved in evangelism.
Early in 2003, Victor’s beloved wife, Hanta, died of a heart-related sickness. This was a tragedy not only for him and their two young children, but also for the rest of us who came to know and love Hanta dearly. However, the Lord brought healing and in the end of 2004 Victor married Florentie, who not only became his new wife and mother for the children, but also his partner in ministry.
Past Berthin, Germain and Airy
In the countries where Philadelphia has fulltime projects, there are numerous individuals who help make the work possible through their support and involvement. Three men who are closely involved with Philadelphia's work in Tamatave (Toamasina) and very much part of the team although not officially so, is Past Berthin, Germain and Airy.
ABOVE: FLTR: Germain, Victor, Berthin and Airy. (April '05)
Past Berthin is a respected leader in the METM Church and has been instrumental in planting many new congregations over the years. However, in spite of the considerable responsibilities related to his formal ministry, he has been part of just about every outreach and training project undertaken by Philadelphia on the East Coast of the island. More than that, he is also a mentor to Victor and beloved "father in Christ" to many who has had the privilege of going on outreaches in which he took part.
Younger additions to the team in Madagascar are Germain and Airy, both of which are currently (2005) still students and part of the Leadership Training Program under Victor. We are looking forward to see these men continue to grow in Christ and develop in ministry so that they may help make a difference to the millions of people in Madagascar who still have not heard the Gospel!
Tantely and Yvette
Although not officially working under Philadelphia, Tantely and Yvette has been co-workers for many years who are very much part of Philadelphia’s work on the island. While living in Toamasina (they moved to Antananarivo in 2003), they assisted Victor in many aspects of his ministry and also joined our teams from South Africa on several outreaches into the mountains.
ABOVE: Yvette and Tantely with their two beautiful daughters.
Tantely and Yvette has a children’s ministry where they are focusing on training and equipping child evangelists and establishing Children’s Clubs (groups where children are ministered to and encouraged to reach out to unbelievers). Tantely is also responsible for translating the Timothy Material from French into Malagasy.

Team in Malawi

Bruno and Runea Spoko (Project Manager)
In June 2002, Past Bruno Spoko, previously from Africa Continent Mission Church in Blantyre, joined the team as Philadelphia's Project Manager in Malawi. Bruno, who has qualifications as a teacher as well as pastor, is specifically responsible for running the Leadership Program, which includes managing, teaching and promoting the 3-year Licentiate in Theology-course. However, he also assists in other training programmes and related activities at VIBITAC.
Bruno is married to Runea and t he couple has five children. Runea is a teacher at a local primary school and is also involved in children’s ministry.
ABOVE: Bruno and Runea Spoko.
Aubrey Maunda (Children's Ministry)
Aubrey Maunda is a young man who came to Christ during an outreach in Nkhata Bay in 1998 and is now heading Philadelphia's children's ministry in Malawi. Aubrey has been a co-worker of Philadelphia since 2000, and has more than proven himself during outreaches – especially since 2003 when he did most of the preparations for the Gospel Volleyball Tournaments.
ABOVE: Aubrey Maunda.
Although Aubrey enrolled for the Leadership Training Program (by November '05 he still had 1 Phase to complete before qualifying), he has always had a passion for working with children. He says children are not only the future of Africa; they are also an important part of the presence. With this passion burning in his heart, Aubrey completed a basic course in children's ministry in Malawi, followed by an advanced "Train the Trainer"-course at Petra College near Witrivier (South Africa).
With the help of the rest of the team in Malawi, Aubrey plans to start training the first people for children's ministry early in 2006. The plan is to train teachers and children's workers to enable them to start functional children's ministries in schools and local congregations.
Aubrey says getting married is definitely on his agenda, but at the moment launching his ministry is a higher priority, while he waits upon the Lord to "provide the right partner" for marriage.
Sydney and Gertruid Kansengwa (VIBITAC Manager)
Certainly the backbone of the team at Kande is Sydney Kansengwa, previously a pastor of the Pentecostal Revival Church and another of the founding pioneers of VIBITAC. Sydney had been appointed as General Project Manager at VIBITAC during the early phases and over the years had been performing his duties amidst numerous hardships and challenges.
ABOVE: Sydney Kansengwa.
Apart from being overall responsible for the daily running of VIBITAC, Sydney also sees to the wellbeing of the rest of the team. He has a heart for the lost and as evangelism is one of his God-given gifts, Sydney is regularly involved in crusades and other evangelism activities.
Barry and Liz Smith
The pioneers of the work at the VIBITAC Bible School in Kande were Barry and Liz Smith together with local co-workers such as Harrison Kamanga and Sydney Kansengwa (PRC). They had to establish the infrastructure and do the groundwork that would eventually lead to the establishment of VIBITAC as a functional Bible School.
ABOVE: Barry and Liz Smith, - two pioneers in the establishment of VIBITAC.
Coming from a highly-developed country such as Australia, Barry and Liz not only had to adapt to literally living in the remote African bush, but they also had to start a Bible School from scratch!
Although they have since returned to Australia, they saw to the establishment of most of the large structures at VIBITAC and were also closely involved with establishing several of the ongoing ministries and projects there.
In 2005, the Smiths again left their home and family for Africa, but this time to work under another missionary organization in Somalia.
Adriaan Bosman
In May 2000, Adriaan Bosman, who previously worked on several missionary projects in South Africa and Malawi, joined Philadelphia and set off for Kande. As local Project Manager, he was responsible for launching the training program and liasoning with existing churches and their leadership.
ABOVE: Adriaan and Rinske Bosman during a recent visit to South Africa.
In December 2000, the first 10 students (from different denominational backgrounds) completed the first phase of their training. Unfortunately, Adriaan had to return to South Africa the following year because of health reasons.
He later returned to Malawi where he met Rinske at the Ywam base in Blantyre. The two has since been married and moved to Rinske's native country Netherlands, but has a vision of one day returning to fulltime ministry.

Team in Zimbabwe

Norman and Euridice Kalilombe
Heading the team in Zimbabwe is local Project Manager, Pastor Norman Kalilombe. Although a Malawian by birth, Norman has a passion for the spiritual salvation of the people of Zimbabwe and has been living among them for most of his life. In fact – he took it one step further and even married a Zimbabwean – Euridice – who had been his faithful companion in life and ministry for many years.
ABOVE: Norman and Euridice with three of their five children.
Before joining Philadelphia’s team in 1995, Norman was involved in pasturing, leadership training and church planting in Marondera, situated east of the capital Harare. Feeling that the Lord called him to become more involved in evangelism and leadership training, Norman joined Philadelphia and pioneered the work in Karoi.

Apart from lecturing and practical training, Norman’s work involves various other activities amongst which is involvement with prison-ministry, a centre for destitutes, outreaches to local schools, a local orphanage, a minister’s fraternal, regularly addressing seminars and conferences (specially on issues related to leadership, gift-related ministry, small groups and HIV/AIDS) and liasoning with local churches and organizations.

Euridice has a passion for child evangelism and supports him in the ministry. Recently the Kalilombe’s eldest daughter, Evernice, completed her training with Ywam (Youth With A Mission) and is currently involved in outreaches all over Southern Africa
Kuda Mavhurere
ABOVE: Kuda Mavhurere. (November '04)
Kuda Mavhurere is the latest edition to our team in Zimbabwe and often refers to himself as Normans “Timothy”. Kuda laid the foundation for his future ministry by completing his Licentiate in Theology under Norman’s mentorship. Like his mentor, Kuda has a passion for teaching and training Christian leaders to develop and reach their full potential in the Body of Christ.
Kuda joined Philadelphia’s team in 2004 as assistant-lecturer and his work includes lecturing, facilitating and organizing crusades as part of practical training and generally assisting Norman in his work.
Kuda is still unmarried.
Christopher Chidzvondo
When meeting Christopher, it doesn’t take anyone long to realize that this young man has a burning passion for the salvation of those who does not know Christ. Although Christopher only formally joined Philadelphia’s Zimbabwe-team in 2004, he has been working with Norman for several years and has been the backbone of numerous evangelical outreaches
ABOVE: Christopher and Norman. (Karoi, November '04)
Christopher is a gifted evangelist who completed his theological training as a member of one of the first classes in the Leadership Training Program to do so under Norman in Zimbabwe. As the team’s evangelist, his work includes practical and theoretical training of students in the field of evangelism, as well as heading and conducting crusades and other evangelism-projects.
Christopher is a widower with one child who has remarried in January 2005.
Zimbabwe Management Board
One of the reasons that the work in Zimbabwe progressed so well and relatively fast, is the close involvement of several individuals and ministries. When first sharing our vision to train much-needed leaders for the Church on an inter-denominational base, several people were skeptical about the practical viability of such a venture.
ABOVE: Manie (left) with Philadelphia Management Board in Zimbabwe, 2002. FLTR: Veneto Keyter, Mr Banda, Norman Kalilombe, Noel Pickard, Ron Dick and Claude Ainsley. (Karoi, 2002)
However, men such as Rev Veneto Keyter (Dutch Reformed Church, Karoi), Noël Pickard (farmer and CHRISTIAN), Ron Dick (Pastor: Karoi Assemblies), Dave Richardson (farmer and evangelist), Past Claude Ainsley (Living Waters, Karoi), Willie Nel (farmer), Piet Oosthuizen (farmer and businessman) and others bought into the vision and eventually helped made it happen in a big way.
They formed a local Philadelphia Management Board which not only helped furthering the ministry in many ways, but also took responsibility for Norman and his own needs. They often went far beyond of what was expected of them to help with outreaches and to ensure that leaders, who needed to be trained, could do so. Some of these men had since been forced to leave Zimbabwe for other countries, but the work they have started still continues and their legacy lives on!
Working for God in Africa during these exciting times certainly is great, but it also regularly poses immense challenges on the spiritual, emotional and physical levels. Please pray for our teams and their co-workers and ask God to enable us to always stay at His feet, hear His voice and in everything we do, glorify His Name!

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